Current thesis topics at MAGIC

Ongoing Thesis Projects

  • Landscape modelling of pesticide inputs into surface waters in Saxony, Luic Damian, Bachelor Thesis
  • Evalutation of occurence and associated ecotoxicological risks of organic chemicals in Saxony, Anna Schemmer, Masters Thesis
  • Evalutation of occurence and associated ecotoxicological risks of organic chemicals in Schleswig-Holstein, Lucas Kempter, Masters Thesis
  • Meta-analysis of insecticides in Indian surface waters, Aditya Narang, Masters Thesis
  • Global evaluation of the total applied toxicities of pesticides in agriculture, Ugo Banabas, Masters Thesis
  • Analysis of geospatial factors influencing the occurence of pesticides in natural protection areas in Germany, Oliver Aßmann, Masters Thesis
  • Automated derivation of ecotoxicological data from regulatory documents, Angela Gundermann, Masters Thesis
  • Review on anthropogenic pollution of small streams in Europe, Kristin Delp, Master Thesis
  • Comprehensive classification of pharmaceuticals in ecotoxicological contexts, Dr. Gerhard Schwarz, Masters Thesis

Available Thesis Projects

  • Data extraction from Nature Reserve Legislation
  • Field monitoring of surface waters in the Queich stream
  • Total Applied Toxicity of pesticides in Austria
  • Evaluation of regulatory thresholds for pesticides vs. biocides
  • Pre-evaluation of satellite imagery parameters of machine-learning in ecotoxicology
  • Systemoptimization of the German pesticide landscape
  • Ecotoxicological evaluation of the occurence of organic chemicals in Baden-Württemberg, Germany
  • Meta-analysis of the global registration status of pesticides
  • Analysis of genetic similarities in the context of ecotoxicological effects

How to write a thesis?

You can find a guide or general recommendations on the requirements for writing theses here:

You can also find a general thesis or paper-submission template here that follows recommendations and formatting by Environmental International.

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