Current thesis topics at MAGIC

Ongoing Thesis Projects

  • Automated derivation of ecotoxicological data from regulatory documents, Angela Gundermann, Masters Thesis
  • Review on anthropogenic pollution of small streams in Europe, Kristin Delp, Master Thesis
  • Comprehensive classification of pharmaceuticals in ecotoxicological contexts, Dr. Gerhard Schwarz, Masters Thesis

Available Thesis Projects

GenTox – Investigating genetic similarities among test species to quantify ecosystem-wide effects of pesticides

PeMA – Unraveling the German Pesticide Matrix

The Total Applied Toxicity of Pesticides in Europe of the last decade

TempoTox – Understanding the temporal evolution of ecotoxicity data

Chemtail – Describing and predicting the occurrence of chemical cocktails in surface waters

PeCoRi – Connecting pesticide use with ecological risks and biodiversity in German surface waters

Ecotoxicological evaluation of organic chemicals occurring in surface waters of Baden-Württemberg

AgriBuff – Deriving comprehensive spatial data on buffer areas in agricultural landscapes

Finished Thesis Projects

  • Landscape modelling of pesticide inputs into surface waters in Saxony, Luic Damian, Bachelor Thesis
  • Evalutation of occurence and associated ecotoxicological risks of organic chemicals in Saxony, Anna Schemmer, Masters Thesis
  • Evalutation of occurence and associated ecotoxicological risks of organic chemicals in Schleswig-Holstein, Lucas Kempter, Masters Thesis
  • Meta-analysis of insecticides in Indian surface waters, Aditya Narang, Masters Thesis
  • Global evaluation of the total applied toxicities of pesticides in agriculture, Ugo Banabas, Masters Thesis

How to write a thesis?

You can find a guide or general recommendations on the requirements for writing theses here:

You can also find a general thesis or paper-submission template here that follows recommendations and formatting by Environmental International.

Former exemplary Theses

If you require access to exemplary theses, then please contact us via email and we will provide them upon request.