Meet the MAGIC team!

Prof. Dr. Ralf Schulz
Team leader

Ralf is a professor for Environmental Sciences focusing on the exposure, ecological effects and management of chemicals in the environment, Ralf teaches Environmental Sciences and Ecotoxicology

Dr. Sebastian Stehle
Risk Asssessment

Sebastian is a risk assessment expert conducting meta-analysis on the exposure of pesticides in aquatic ecosystems, Sebastian teaches in the Master Ecotoxicology

Dipl. Sascha Bub
Environmental Modelling

Sascha is involved with landscape modeling of pesticides in the environment, graph databases for environmental chemicals and machine learning

MSc. Lara Petschick
Effect Assessment

Lara has her main focus on the assessment of effects of chemicals in aquatic and terrestrial environments, she is currently funded by the DBU

Dipl. Jakob Wolfram
Data Analysis

Jakob conducts complex large-scale analysis of environmental data on exposure and risks associated with chemicals in the environment, Jakob teaches in the Master Ecotoxicology

MSc. Larissa Herrmann

Larissa uses meta-analysis and machine learning to assess chronic fungicide exposure in aquatic environments, she is currently funded by the DBU

Technical Support

Felix Hoegerl
IT Technician

Felix supports the MAGIC team with technical expertise in database management and IT security

Henry Schlenz
IT Application Expert

Henry provides software-based solutions for the analysis and web-based representation of environmental data


Current students

Currently ongoing projects withtin the MAGIC research team (Supervisor in italic)

Aditya Narang (Master Thesis, Lara Petschick, Jakob Wolfram)

Angela Gundermann (Master thesis, Lara Petschick, Larissa Herrmann)

Anna Schemmer (Master thesis, Jakob Wolfram)

Gerhard Schwarz (Master thesis, Sebastian Stehle)

Kristin Delp (Master thesis, Sebastian Stehle)

Lucas Kempter (Master Thesis, Jakob Wolfram)

Luic Damian (Bachelor Thesis, Sascha Bub, Jakob Wolfram)

Oliver Aßmann (Master Thesis, Jakob Wolfram)

Ugo Banabas (Master Thesis, Jakob Wolfram)

Former students

Abigail Bline (MSc)

Carolin Hiller (MSc)

Franziska Wagner (MSc)

Hyonjoo Hong (MSc)

Lamin Jaiteh (MSc)

Lara Petschick (MSc)

Larissa Herrmann (MSc)

Niklas Heinemann (MSc)

Oliver Weißner (PhD)

Peter Reinisch (MSc)

Sabine Braun (MSc)

Viktoriia Ovcharova (MSc)